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Projekt: EWT


01.10.2011 Ι High-level qualifications for in-company trainers.Transfer of the innovative further training concept II (Project duration: 01.10.2011 - 30.09.2013)

The project is concerned with the high-level qualification of VET personnel and the transfer and dissemination of a standardised European qualification for VET trainers. In order to achieve these objectives, the project will transfer the existing training programme for European Workplace Tutors developed within the it's time project to new countries and partners. A standardised module aimed at partand full-time VET trainers will be developed. Parallel to this, the project will develop and pilot models for access to higher education and the recognition and crediting of educational contents in the form of learning outcome units. In order to achieve these goals, an EQF-compatible (i.e. outcome-oriented) competence profile for the European Workplace Tutor is to be developed and divided into learning outcome units which will be assigned with credit points (both ECTS and ECVET in order to support permeability). European certification possibilities are to be examined and a recommended model for Europe-wide certification of the Workplace Tutor is to be developed. The project results are intended to promote the professionalisation and mobility of VET personnel in Europe. In the course of the project, the piloting of the module to be developed (learning process guidance - mentoring) is aimed at testing and assessing whether such a module can find entrance as a self-contained specialised module.

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